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Exclusive embellishment collections to make your story yours.

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New! Martha Stewart embellishments

Craft beautiful photo books with style and grace,
using new Martha Stewart embellishments.
Her latest collection features exclusive designs
from the Martha Stewart CraftStudio app
and includes decorative art for birthdays
and weddings.

Martha Stewart

Start with book theme: Modern Medley

Choose embellishment set: Martha Stewart

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New! Embellishments by contemporary artist Sirron Norris

San Francisco muralist and artist Sirron Norris draws
inspiration from the city to create his contemporary illustrations.

Bustling with youthful energy and excitement, his colorful
embellishments are great for kids, young adults, and anyone
who's entranced with the beauty and artistry of the city.

Sirron Norris

Start with book theme: Sirron Norris City Story

Choose embellishment set: Sirron Norris

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Sweet Birthday

The modern style and bold, bright colors mixed
with fun patterns make this embellishment set
perfect for making super fun kids’ birthday photo books.

The collection is inspired by kids — from their love
of celebrations to the unique color combinations they
choose getting dressed in the morning.


Start with book theme: Baby

Choose embellishment set: Birthday

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Whimsical Luau

Contemporary cute is the best way to describe
this embellishment collection. You'll find simple,
fun ways to brighten up every photo book you make.

The collection is inspired by everything kid-like, from
hula girls to cute surf boards.

Hawaii Fun

Start with book theme: Brights

Choose embellishment set: Luau

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