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Fun, easy-to-use art for personalizing your photo books

Make your photo book

New! Embellishments made just for you

Make your story yours with exclusive embellishments from Snapfish. It's fun, easy, and available at no extra charge for a limited time.

5 creative embellishment ideas

See our Designer Embellishment Collection

Personalizing with embellishments is as
easy as 1-2-3!

1. Choose your embellishments

Select the embellishments you want to tell your story. Click the "Get More" button to see more.

2. Place embellishments on the page

Drag them wherever you want on the page. You can make embellishments bigger or smaller, too.

3. Customize with text

Create a text box and place it on top of your embellishments to customize it with your own words.

Creating a great book

Add your photos wherever you like. Choose from 15 new fonts to tell your story your way.

Adding the finishing touches

Add embellishments to make your
story yours! It's fun, easy, and they can be personalized with your words and photos.