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Make learning magical!

Your preschool through third-grade ghosts and goblins will have fun with these Halloween-themed worksheets that are fun and educational!


Make Bat Flyers

If your kids love paper airplanes, they’ll go positively batty for this easy-to-make Halloween-themed paper project.

Make Bat Flyers (185 KB)

Halloween Board Gamee

Your preschoolers will love making and playing this Halloween-themed board game — great for counting and following directions.

Haunted House Map

Help him follow the map’s directions to collect the key and escape this spooky haunted house.

Monster “H”

Review the capital letter "H" with your little goblins and have them color in this monster letter with spooky colors.

Monster “H” (285 KB)

Pumpkin Game: Candy Toss

Print out this Halloween favorite and have your little trick-or-treaters practice their aim with a handful of candy.

Pumpkin Maze

As she uses a crayon or pencil to go through this maze, your little one will work the muscles she'll need for writing later on.

Pumpkin Maze (71.8 KB)


Halloween Activity Book

This spooky mini-book is perfect for helping kindergartners build fine motor skills and solve fun puzzles all in the name of Halloween.

Halloween Memory Game

Help your little Halloween monsters work on their memorizing skills while enjoying the trick-or-treating season.

Jack-O’-Lantern Face Race

Get your kids into the Halloween spirit and give their fine motor muscles a boost with this enchanting game.

Halloween Match-Up

This matching game features trick-or-treaters, ghosts, pumpkins, and witches, and includes a spinner, playing cards, and directions.

Pumpkin Life Cycle

This colorful cut-and-paste growth chart helps your kindergartners explore the life cycle of a pumpkin.

Halloween Sudoku

Using logic and critical reasoning skills, kids make sure a Jack-O’-lantern, ghost, candy, and bat appear just once in each row, column, and block.

Halloween Sudoku (524 KB)

First Grade

Tic-Tac-Toe Bingo

Celebrate Halloween with this mash-up of two classic games. Instead of lettered columns, players must black out three in a row in order to score. What's the prize? Candy, of course!

Halloween Fortune Spinner

What's in store for your first-grader this Halloween? The Halloween Ghost will let him know with this spooky fortune spinner!

Halloween Photo Props

Your first-grader will love creating her own haunting props — perfect for dress-up to get ready for Halloween.

Second Grade

Halloween Goodie Bags

These printable envelopes are easy to make, fun to decorate, and perfect for sharing candy and Halloween spirit with friends!

Paper Craft: Witch

Your little arts-and-crafter will love this Halloween craft, where she can color, cut, and fold her own witch figurine!

Spooky Word Search

Have your second-grader go on a hunt for Halloween words! Let him start circling and see how quickly he can complete this Halloween challenge.

Third Grade

Halloween Adjective Activity

Build her vocabulary and writing skills with this worksheet that has her adding spooky adjectives to sentences to make them more interesting.

Halloween Crossword

If your third-grader likes solving riddles, she'll love this Halloween-themed crossword filled with her favorite treats and tricky monsters.

Frankenstein Writing Prompt

Why does Frankenstein's monster need a suit? Ask your third-grader to use his imagination to write a story that explains this silly picture.

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