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Two Blus

It’s not easy being a blue macaw in the jungle! Can you spot the differences between the two Blus as they go exploring?

Two Blus (13.3 MB)

Sky Soccer

It takes more than a bird brain to score a goal in this paper version of sky soccer — it’s harder than it seems!

Sky Soccer (10.8 MB)

Nigel the Magnificent

Join Nigel’s flock of fabulous fortune tellers with this clever mind-reading game that will impress all your friends.

Rio 2 Jungle Party Printables

Their fun will take feathered flight when you host a jungle-themed DVD “premiere” with these super-fun party decorations, cupcake wrappers, snack holders, and favor bags.

Nigel & Gabi on Patrol

Hang this sign on your door to let everyone know that the toughest birds in the jungle are guarding your room.

Meet the Gang

Try to guess which feathered friend is which by matching these jungle birds to their correct descriptions.

Meet the Gang (10.8 MB)

Find the Feathers

Help bird lovers Linda and Tulio find the 10 blue macaw feathers hidden in the Amazon jungle.

Find the Feathers (13.9 MB)

Meet the cast of characters — Rio 2 Coloring Pages

Your little birds of a feather can stick together (hopefully quietly!) while coloring in these “tweet” birds that fly, flap, and squawk their way across the screen of Rio 2.

Blu (23.6 MB)

Charlie (18.6 MB)

Gabi (18.5 MB)

Jewel (23.8 MB)

Nico (23.6 MB)

Nigel (20.7 MB)

Rafael (23.6 MB)

Create Your Own Carnival

Bring down the birdhouse with homemade carnival instruments, including a shaker, drums, cymbals, and scraper!

Chase the Birds

Little tweeties, try to think outside the cage while playing this Rio 2-themed board game that you make yourself.

Chase the Birds (8.2 MB)

Brazilian Voyage

Help Jewel, Blu, and their little birdies and friends find their way through this twisty Brazilian maze.

Brazilian Voyage (8.6 MB)